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I am a nationally accredited Family Law mediator with over 30 years’ experience in the Family Court. I am a nationally accredited mediator with the Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators (AIFLAM). I assist parties to reach agreement in relation to parenting and property disputes without the need to go to Court saving time and money as well as minimising stress.  


I as the mediator (or chair) assist you and the person you are in dispute with (with the assistance of your lawyers) to negotiate a mutually satisfactory resolution of your dispute without the need for court proceedings.

Mediation offers a safe and secure environment in which to take negotiations to the next level by introducing a mediator who facilitates discussions to explore the issues and concerns of the parties and helps them to a identify options to resolve the dispute.

I have the advantage of hearing confidentially from both parties to understand whether parties might prepared to go in their negotiations to get the matter settled. I often see where parties have common interest in getting the matter settled which might never come out through a "party to party" negotiation,  With this knowledge, I can guide the parties towards resolution without giving away their negotiation positions.  

Two of the essential elements of mediation are neutrality and confidentiality of the process:

(a) Neutrality    
The confidence of the participants in the objectivity of the appointed mediator is essential to the prospects of success of the process itself.

 (b) Confidentiality 
An essential part of productive negotiations is the willingness and the capacities of parties to discuss and identify issues frankly, to make concessions and to compromise were appropriate. The prospect of them doing so would be seriously undermined if such concessions and proposals could subsequently be used in Court.  


  • Nationally  Accredited Family Law Mediator and Arbitrator since 2018
  • Accredited Family Law Specialist since 1996
  •  Former Independent Children’s Lawyer for 15 years 2005-2020
  • Regular Seminar Presenter on Family Law Matters
  • President of City of Sydney Law Society Law Society 2013       


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Mediation  Misconceptions


The limits of Litigation 
 Advantage of Mediation

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